Welcome to A&R Hospitality

Who we are, and what we do. A&R Hospitality is a fast-growing management company that owns and operates 12 hotels in the gulf coast region with a combined total of 1214 rooms we gross nearly 27 million dollars in revenue annually.

We buy, invest, build, and operate hotels strategically focusing on growth in markets we have identified as key and emerging. We do this by identifying the needs in the market, utilizing our combined knowledge, and leveraging our partnership with some of the most successful brands to either purchase underperforming assets and rebrand, or by constructing a new hotel that is needed in the market. Using this strategic approach ensures continued growth and optimum results to our investors.

Employing over 300 associates, and serving over 200,000 guests annually, we have a belief that can be attributed to our founder and CEO Mr. Ken Patel, “In the hotel industry it isn’t enough to provide a room, you must provide an experience, both for your employees and for your guests.” Experience hospitality at its finest. Experience A&R Hospitality Management.

Our Hotels

Coming Soon

  • Colorado Springs
  • Mobile
  • Thomasville
  • Nokomis
  • Daphne